In this new dispensation of innovative disruption, there is an urgent need to merge technology with learning systems with the aim of grossly revolutionising the state and standard of education in the nation. Educational technology (EdTech) startups in Nigeria have not received as much buzz as fintech, e-commerce nor health tech startups, despite the crucial role of education in a nation’s development.

Today, we will be highlighting a few innovative EdTech startups that are poised to improve learning management systems, course delivery, and success rate of the average student.


Founded in the year 2019, uLesson was established to curate relevant educational content with right focus on the curriculum. The scope is centred on students getting ready for the popular WAEC and NECO exams. Very recently they raised about $7.5 million in January of 2021 to continue to chart this cause. The Sim Shagaya-led company announced a $15 million Series B round in December a great fit for the Edtech. uLesson is a company to look out for this 2022.


Seun Osinowo is the founder of SPLATT (Simple Personalized Affective Learning Tools).  Splatt is an Edtech solution that helps students to understand their lecture notes. Via machine learning intelligence, students are provided with tolls needed to study and understand contents. Splatt helps you earn better grades in your tests/exams with ease. The App generates test questions from your notes for you to practice in preparation for a test or exam. With an A1 study coach that advises you and help you with the best studying strategies that would work for you. The app is available on both Android Playstore and iOS App store.


This is a comprehensive curriculum-based e-learning platform launched in 2010. Roducate contains notes, videos, and podcasts for subjects across all class levels. You can also participate in tasks, competitions, and educational games to win prizes and rewards. It is also available on Android Playstore and iOS App store.

Allschool JAMB CBT App

Allschool JAMB CBT App is a desktop and mobile-based CBT examination preparatory and testing platform, with a vision to help candidates excel in JAMB UTME.  The App allows its users practice past questions via the mobile app. It also allows users join their top-notch JAMB online tutorial.

Passnownow digitally democratizes access to educational content for Nigerian student and teachers. Passnownow digitized the whole curriculum for primary and secondary school students. Here, students and teachers get access to a digitized curriculum for self-studying and a platform for peer-to-peer collaborative learning.

The big picture is to raise enrollment numbers and reduce the poor academic performance of students and the drastic failure rates in exams while also working to enhance instructional practice among teachers using familiar channels of interaction to train and empower them on the use and adoption of technology.


PrepClass is an Edutech company that uses technology to make education accessible, interactive, and engaging for all categories of learners. It is a marketplace that gives you access to professional tutors for private lectures and lessons. You get access to primary, secondary, and IELTS tutors on the PrepClass platform. There are also tutors for several professional exams like ICAN, GRE, and so on.


ScholarX is a social impact startup that focuses on education financing to help young Africans access quality education and skills training through scholarships, ScholarX is a social impact startup that focuses on education financing to help young Africans access quality education and skills training through scholarships.


LearnAM is a mobile platform that provides audio-visual content in localized languages, to improve literacy, digital skills, and vocational skills of Africans. It is currently available on iOS App store and Android Playstore. The platform also provides an assessment test for users to measure competency, and a certification that can be onboarded to a marketplace. The marketplace connects users to jobs, customers, and apprenticeships.


Utiva is aimed at developing talents for the future of work. The platform organizes several fellowships to help users master certain tech skills like Digital Marketing, Data Science, Data Analysis, Product Manager, UI/UX Designer, and so on. They tag themselves as the “best way to gain job-ready expertise for the careers of the future”.


Tuteria is a Nigerian edtech platform for offline and online tutoring. It was co-founded in 2015 by systems engineers Godwin Benson and Abiola Oyeniyi.

Tuteria links tutors with Nigerian learners. The selection of potential tutors is ensured by a verification process that includes an ID and qualifications check along with standard competency tests.


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