Faculty of Environmental Studies, University of Nigeria Nsukka holds an international conference on the “Theoretical and analytical foundations for sustainable development in Africa”.

The 2-day conference which will be hosted on zoom by Boldscholar, an academic research organisation, will begin on Tuesday, November 3 and end Wednesday, November 4. For each day of the event, the conference will begin 8:00AM and end 6:30PM, with lunch breaks at intervals.

The conference, which promises to be exciting, will have the participants present diverse papers on issues related to sustainable development in Africa. According to the conference Chairman, LOC, Dr. Donald C. Okeke (Reader), the 2020 conference is meant to expose the fundamental and temporal realms of sustainable development. The objective is to enable the recognition of sustainable development as science or pseudoscience. The purpose is to moderate the perception of sustainable development as social sciences or natural sciences or both. Whichever is the case it has implications on sustainable development as a growth process. Papers are expected to treat issues related to the under listed subthemes with special focus on principles and practice and how sustainable they are.  

  • Partnerships for sustainable development in Africa
  • Ecosystem services for sustainable urbanism
  • Culture and creative urbanism
  • Synthesis of the built and ecological environment.
  • Epistemological foundations of urban crisis in Africa
  • Urban economy for sustainability
  • Sustainable urban design for the built environment
  • Sustainable urbanity
  • Spatial metrics tactic of remote sensing 
  • GIS data-collection methodologies
  • Spatial planning as social or natural sciences
  • Urban design theory
  • Green infrastructure planning
  • Informality in sustainable development
  • Architectural education and research
  • Architectural heritage – conservation and preservation
  • Innovations and energy efficient buildings
  • Eco-architecture for affordable housing
  • Architectural technology
  • BIM strategies and management
  • Green/sustainable real estate development
  • Geo-spatial analysis, data and technology in real estate
  • Space technology
  • Tools for data collection, storage and retrieval system

The international conference, which will be held online via Zoom, will also be streamed live on Boldscholar Facebook page facebook.com/boldscholar so that millions of scholars from all over the world can participate and enjoy the plenaries. To be part of the conference, simply Like or Follow Boldscholar Facebook page to receive a notification on your device when the conference begins. And if you miss the live streaming, you may access some clips of the plenaries on Boldscholar Youtube channel, as they will be made available on the channel after the conference. Papers from the conference will be made available on the web page of the journal of Faculty of Environment Studies, University of Nigeria Nsukka, hosted on www.boldscholar.com/journals.

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