The Advent of Artificial Intelligence has been a revolutionary merger of cutting-edge machine learning with technological solutions in different spheres of life. AI has been quite effective in creating more efficient systems while drastically cutting down the turnaround time of said solutions.

From entertainment to research to home automation, the application of AI seems endless and on course to completely disrupt the way we perceive and deploy problem solving in our various fields. Beyond the purposed perils of an AI dependent society, we cannot ignore the impressive merits of this groundbreaking innovation that is Artificial Intelligence.

The educational sector in Nigeria amongst others is gradually embracing the significant advancement AI has to offer as strategic steps are currently being deployed to completely revamp the state of the educational landscape by adopting a myriad of innovative tools.

One of these initiatives is led by The Enugu State Ministry of Education to implement a digital infrastructure based off Artificial Intelligence for Enugu State Education.

The flagship initiative called Smart and Green Schools Initiative is geared towards integrating experiential curriculum with AI models to enhance the overall learning experience of students. Over 260 Smart and Green schools are presently being constructed strategically in every ward of the state. This Initiative will not only provide tech upgrades such as tablets to teachers but will also launch a school management software that will assist teachers with spreadsheets, result computations and course work generation.

The urgent need to digitize the educational system of the country has provided a teeming opportunity for an across-the-board transformation of the current state of learning in all states of the federation availing the infusion of tech solutions and modern teaching methodologies into our waning educational system. 

This laudable vision can employ cutting edge data science to improve administrative tasks and strengthen the learning process of every student via personalized learning plans to ensure academic excellence regardless of social status.

The ingenuity displayed by The Enugu State Ministry of Education is in line with target four of the United Nations Sustainable Development goals aimed at "Ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all".

The 2024 national budget allocated 6.87% to education which still falls significantly short of The UNESCO recommendations of 15-20% but stakeholders in the education sector are hopeful that the actions of The Enugu State Government will spark a nationwide agenda to not only digitize the education sector but also elevate the standard of learning to a global scale.

Recently, BoldScholar, an Edu-tech solutions provider in partnership with The National Library launched a one-of-a-kind AI powered E-Library in Nigeria. This unique platform is designed to offer students access to a wide range of scholarly materials for academic research and course curriculum.

Tech solutions like AI are here to stay.

The future is indeed at hand, and it will be expedient of us as a nation to maximize these innovations to create a thriving society that future generations can be proud of.

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