The Street Tears is a poetry book with forty poignant poems that explore the theme of suffering, pains, disappointment, death and especially the hard life on the street. The poems are codifications of anguish, tears and hopelessness.

The author, Davy Fidel, waved a tapestry of melancholy with creative words that pull at one’s heartstrings. He used every poetic artillery to capture and hold the reader's interest to the end. The author wrote the poems around emotions that string pain in the heart and events that sprout tears in the eyes.

The second poem in the book, I WEPT
“When I read my pages,
I wept.
It encryption …
Crest in the heart
Like the devil in the cathedral”

I will say the poem set the mood of the book because when I read the poems, I wept at the graphic narration of the sufferings and pains that echo on every page of the book. The insecurity, unknown gunmen, and kidnappings that ravaged the country. Deaths that leave gaping holes in the heart, the killings going on unchecked, injustice and miseries that mark our daily lives.

“Misery is a painted art
Agony is a pillow the head rest on”
The author laments in one of his poems, ROSES IN PLAGUE
In the poem, RAT WORLD, the author tells of the rat race of living life in the street.

“The street is a rat world
 Wired with dreams trimmed
 And fried with hopelessness
 With unending potholes lives”
This poem reiterates another poem in the book, POTHOLES, where the author likens his life to potholes,

“My life is potholes
Galloping every second
Every minute with bruises
Every hour of tormenting
Like the flea in a hot pan”

The poetry book is divided into five parts of ten poems each. In the last part of the book, the author asks, WHAT DOES TOMORROW HOLD? It is a poem that buttresses the crumbling world we live in.
“When I look at the pieces around me
I ask myself with a shattered voice
 What does tomorrow hold?”

 But, according to the author,

“Tomorrow standing battered
 Our tears flooding us
 Our words crushing us
 Our lives procreating pain”

The poems in this part paint a picture of hopelessness, where the future of the country and its people are tattering on wobbling legs of uncertainty. This part also talks about GARBAGE LIFE, how we live a LIFELESS LIFE, the way LIFE IS STOLEN from us, how we BEG TO HAVE TOMORROW, the way we live our lives THIS EVERYDAY, and what our TODAY looks like.

The poems in the book are indeed words on marble. They tell the stories of yesterday and of today for tomorrow. A history recorded in poetic verses for the next generation.

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